Mountain Green Middle School

Project Information

Client: Morgan School District

Location: Mountain Green, UT

Size: 130,000 SF

Services: Full architectural & engineering services.


Mountain Green Middle School is situated on a 16 acre lot with 9 acres of buildable area between a newly developed neighborhood and a busy mountain pass road. This small town is part of the Morgan County School District, which has seen increasing growth over the past few years. With many young families moving in, the Elementary and Middle schools have reached capacity. To alleviate this problem, the school district has decided to build a middle school which will serve grades 5-8. The new school will be approximately 130,000 square feet and have separate classroom areas for fifth and sixth grades, and seventh and eighth grades. There will be a shared Commons area and Gymnasium, which will also have the capability of holding public events after school hours, limiting access to the classroom areas. Working closely with the UDOT and the neighboring HOA, the site has been designed to facilitate bus, car, and foot traffic, as all 3 will be heavily used. The school grounds will include a soccer field, basketball courts and other playground equipment for school and public use. Scheduled completed 2019.